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You’re not too late. NFT Tech has become the web3 guide for major global brands.
Our mission is to onboard 50 major brands into web3 over the next 2 years.

Discover how NFT Tech is leading the way for global brands entering the metaverse

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World Table Tennis has been researching and planning its entry into the web3 space for over 15 months now. NFT Tech has proven to be a leader in the space when it comes to technology innovation in sport, which we believe is crucial when it comes to growing our sport.
Michael Brown
Chief Financial Officer, World Table Tennis
It’s a huge honor as a Web3 project to be recognized by the creative industry in the most prestigious creative awards. We wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible using the technology we had available to us.
Ridley Plummer
NFT & Metaverse Project Lead, Tennis Australia
Fantasy sports is extremely popular and acts as a huge viewership increase, encouraging the middle segment of fans to stay engaged during the regular season. We’re excited to be joined by Sony as we pioneer unique blockchain use cases for the sporting and entertainment industry.
Adam De Cata
Elvis On-Chain expands the opportunities for fans to come together in new ways. In a huge commemorative year for Elvis with the launch of Warner Bros. Pictures’ epic big-screen drama, ELVIS, from filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, catapulting his legacy into the future.
Marc Rosen
owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises and Iconoverse

Evergreen brands launched to the web3

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leaders in the space

Million+ raised with a public listing

Web3: just like the internet 20+ years ago

Users are the real currency of the digital economy. We will be onboarding the next 100M users to web3.

Uncover NFT Tech’s unique revenue-in-perpetuity model

In addition to receiving primary a major cut of the primary sale, we receive royalties from every secondary sale of every asset we create for our clients. This allows us to own a part of these evergreen brands in perpetuity.

The metaverse will likely infiltrate every sector  in some way in the coming years, with the market opportunity estimated at over $1 trillion in yearly revenues.

We generate revenue in a completely new way

Web3 allows us to build projects that generate continuous revenue as long as they exist. Watch the video below to understand the revenue-generating innovation we are using.

Spearheaded by CEO Mario Nawfal, a crypto pioneer with years of blockchain experience, NFT Technologies is led by a group of senior finance and fintech leaders, crypto entrepreneurs and digital distribution experts.


Adam De Cata started his career with Warner Bros at Licensing and Brand Management, where he created and negotiated licensed products in clothing, electronics, food & beverage, publishing and toys, as well as all aspects of brand marketing management within the licensing business.

As Head of Partnerships at Decentraland, the world’s first fully decentralized virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, Adam established relationships with key global brands. His work touches web decentralized apps development, game design, cryptocurrencies, 3D art, decentralized server applications and networks and new experiences like immersive VR. 

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We believe that every global company, brand, and event must have a Web3 strategy. Our unique model of co-creation with Tier 1 brands allows us to own part of the brand asset resale royalty and profit from every sale and every resale of the Web3 assets.

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