How are Bloomberg, Forbes, and others’ 2023 crypto predictions doing so far?
George Hammick
Research Lead
April 24, 2023

How are Bloomberg, Forbes, and others’ 2023 crypto predictions doing so far?

In 2022, some of the biggest names in finance, including Bloomberg, Forbes, Accenture, Messari, Binance, and Coinbase, shared their predictions for the crypto market in 2023. With the second quarter of 2023 well underway, it's time to check in on the progress of these predictions. Messari analyzed 18 reports to identify the top five trends: Large Corporation Adoption, Regulation, Asset Tokenization, NFTs, and the Market Bottom. In this blog post, we'll examine each trend and see how it's playing out in the current market.

Large Corporation Adoption

Large Corporation Adoption was the top predicted trend for the crypto market in 2023, surpassing even hot topics like regulation and asset tokenization. It appears that this prediction is coming true, as Q1 2023 was the second busiest quarter for brands in web3 since 2022. More brands launched web3 projects this quarter than in Q4, indicating that corporations are recognizing the potential of web3 and seeking ways to leverage it for their businesses. 


Crypto regulation was the second most commonly expected trend for the crypto market in 2023, and while it hasn't played out as predicted just yet, it's still a possibility. Recent events have underscored the need for crypto institutions to be onshore with proportionate regulations to protect investors, such as the FTX crash.

US regulators are cracking down on crypto companies this year, causing industry leaders like Coinbase to consider moving their operations elsewhere. However, the silver lining is that legal disputes could set precedents that provide much-needed clarity in the US. Meanwhile, EU lawmakers have approved the world's first comprehensive framework for crypto regulation, MiCA.

The US needs to provide clarity in its regulatory framework, or it risks losing its lead in the crypto industry to other countries that are more welcoming to crypto. The crypto industry is moving fast, and it's imperative that regulators keep up with the pace to avoid stifling innovation and growth.

Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization was the 3rd most anticipated trend for 2023, and it seems to be making headway. 

According to BCG, the tokenization of real-world assets will present a $16 trillion market opportunity by 2030. Tokenizing assets offers several advantages such as lower investment minimums, increased access via fractional ownership, greater transparency, and automated ownership management. 

Institutional investors are paying attention to this space, with investment management firm Hamilton Lane opening a "tokenized" fund on Polygon. The tokenized fund has a minimum investment of $20,000, compared to at least $5 million for the traditional version, making private markets more accessible to more investors. The Bank of America also reported that the tokenized gold market exceeded $1 billion in March, and it views the tokenization of real-world assets, including gold, commodities, currencies, and equities, as a critical driver of digital asset adoption.


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were the 4th most anticipated trend for 2023, and it appears that this prediction is being fulfilled. NFTs were the most popular web3 technology used by brands in 2022 and this trend is continuing this year. 

The number of NFT-related trademarks has skyrocketed, with 27 in 2020 and 7746 in 2022, indicating the potential for continued growth.

Leading companies such as Ticketmaster, Shopify, and Spotify are integrating or experimenting with integrating NFTs at scale, which could lead to mass adoption and solidify NFTs as a mainstream technology in the future. This trend could revolutionize industries such as music, sports, and art, allowing for the creation of unique digital assets that can be bought and sold like physical items.

Market Bottom

While the majority of digital finance firms predicted a market bottom for crypto this year, it seems this projection may not come to pass. Bitcoin, in particular, has had a strong start to the year and has been performing exceptionally well, ranking as the best-performing asset so far in 2023, according to Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs

In fact, for the market to bottom this year, Bitcoin would need to drop by around 50%, which seems unlikely given its current performance. However, in the world of crypto, anything is possible, and it's too soon to rule out a market bottom just yet. We may be eating our words soon. 


In conclusion, it appears that the predictions made by some of the biggest names in finance for the crypto market in 2023 may be coming true, with 3.5 out of the top 5 trends on track to be fulfilled. Large corporation adoption of web3 projects is growing, asset tokenization is offering new opportunities, and NFTs are revolutionizing industries. While the prediction of a market bottom may not come to pass, the overall outlook for the crypto market looks positive. However, regulatory clarity is still needed to avoid stifling innovation and growth. For those interested in exploring more about web3, check out the full report covering 320 brands' web3 projects from the beginning of 2022 to Q1 2023 via this link.

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