Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
October 25, 2022

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

⚽️ Liverpool FC creates digital clothing line for Meta’s Avatar Store

Liverpool fans can now deck out their Meta avatars in official club colors. In the deal, the first of its kind for a European soccer team, Liverpool will receive a cut of sales revenue. Read more here.

💳 Mastercard releases new technology to crypto trading for banks

The program, called Crypto Source™, was developed in partnership with licensed crypto custody providers (including Paxos) and is being introduced following demand for crypto-related services from trusted financial institutions. Read more here.

🃟 Cartamundi Group’s “Bicycle” purchases a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

The 137-year-old playing cards brand has purchased BAYC #1227 for almost $187,000. The brand plans to sell decks of cards with variations of the NFT as artwork. This collaboration highlights the power of divesting IP. Read more here.

🛒 Walmart CTO says crypto will be “right in the middle” of digital strategy

Last week, Walmart’s CTO suggested that digital assets will play a role in Walmart’s stores and that Walmart is interested in the metaverse. The retail giant has previously filed multiple crypto-related trademark applications in the US and uses blockchain in its supply chain to track product origin and authenticity. Read more here.

🌭 Kraft files NFT & Metaverse-related trademark application

Kraft Foods Group has applied to trademark their iconic Weinermobile. The trademarks cover NFTs, digital tokens, NFT Marketplaces, virtual restaurants, food and drinks, and online NFT and virtual goods stores. Read more here.

🤖 Reddit’s NFT Marketplace shows impressive adoption

Reddit CPO Pali Bhat revealed that 2.5 million of the 3 million Reddit Vault Wallets that have been opened so far were created after the launch of Reddit’s NFT marketplace. In fact, the vast majority of new Reddit users since July have opened a Vault Wallet. This highlights how owning profile picture NFTs is driving adoption of the platform. Read more here.

🎃 Cheetos launches metaverse-based Halloween experience

“Chesterville,” a digital suburban neighborhood, is Cheetos’ first foray into the metaverse. The experience is hosted in Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Fans are able to complete tasks around Chesterville to earn points on their “mischief meter” and gain access to the mansion on Cheetos Hill. Upon entry, fans get the unique chance to vote to bring an out-of-commission Cheetos flavor back to life (in the real world!) in 2023. Read more here.

📺 TCL launches its first metaverse campaign

The Hong Kong-based television and consumer electronics manufacturer has launched a Hallooween experience in the Roblox metaverse. The experience is designed to strengthen the brand’s connection with the next generation of consumers. The “Dream House” is kitted out with various TCL products from air conditioners to televisions, offering customers innovative ways to enjoy TCL products. Read more here.

🌯 Flipkart launches metaverse experience

The Indian e-commerce giant has partnered with eDAO to launch Flipverse, a metaverse offering which allows consumers to interactively discover and purchase new products. Although the project is in its early stages, the company sees the Flipverse as a potential way to revolutionize e-commerce for millions of users, opening the doors to “the future of shopping.” Read more here.

🧙‍♂️ Warner Bros plans to create a Web3 Lord of the Rings experience

The production company last week released an NFT collection which relates to the “Fellowship of the Ring” movie in partnership with Eluvio. NFT holders get access to an extended version of the film, special features and AR collectibles. The collection is the first of many in Warner Bros’ planned “Movieverse” marketplace. Read more here.

🏈 NFL Players Association partners with Dead Fellaz NFT collection & Draft Kings

A group of 13 NFL players will feature on Polygon-based Dead Fellaz NFTs that are part of Draft Kings’ fantasy football competition. NFT holders will be able to use the players in their fantasy football lineups in DraftKings Reignmakers Football, an NFT-based fantasy football league, and get the chance to win a portion of the $1 million weekly prize pool. Read more here.

🧥 Burberry enters Minecraft metaverse

“Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond” offers an in-game experience where players can explore a series of worlds that relate to the Burberry brand. Burberry is also dropping a line of Minecraft-related clothing. Read more here.

🧑‍🎨 Anthony Hopkins makes NFT debut

Last Thursday, Anthony Hopkins released his first 1000-piece NFT collection which sold out in minutes. The collection was inspired by the characters Hopkins has played over the course of his career. Read more here.

🧳 LVHM’s Rimowa launches NFT collection in partnership with RTFKT

Louis Vuitton’s luxury luggage and bag company, Rimowa, has partnered with Nike-owned RTFKT to launch an NFT collection and experience. Those that successfully complete the immersive digital challenge will be able to redeem their NFTs for physical high-end luggage. Read more here.

🐭 Disney launches virtual experience to celebrate its upcoming 100th birthday

In partnership with one of its metaverse accelerator projects, Obsess, Disney has launched a 360-degree virtual music-based experience for its Disney Music Emporium. Fans can listen to various classic Disney songs and purchase CDs or records through the store. Read more here.

🗽New York Knicks drops NFT Collection on Coinbase

The New York-based NBA team is launching the “New York Forever” NFT collection in collaboration with local artists. The nine NFT collection grants holders real-world utility, including access to season tickets. The sale begins tomorrow (October 25th) via a 24-hour auction. Read more here.

🫦 L’Oréal and Meta partner to launch metaverse startup accelerator

The accelerator, which will launch in Meta’s Station F in Paris, will support startups specializing in metaverse and web3-related fields. Read more here.

🏎️ Lamborghini releases more NFTs as part of the “Epic Road Trip” NFT project

Lamborghini has released the third of the four NFT collections that make up its eight-month “Epic Road Trip” experience, which began in August. NFT holders can enjoy a unique virtual experience as well as other virtual and digital perks. Read more here.


🟢 Decentraland announced a second metaverse music festival (MVMF). Between November 10th and 13th, over 100 confirmed artists including Ozzy Osbourne & Soujaa Boy will perform across uniquely curated community genre stages. MVMF will be free to attend and hosted by digital asset platform Kraken.

🟢 A house sold on OpenSea as an NFT. 149 Cottage Lake Way, Columbia, South Carolina, sold for 175,000 USDC. Ownership of the property transferred with the NFT. Roofstock onChain facilitated the deal.

🟢 Institutions are moving “very, very fast” into crypto. In a recent interview with SALT, Coinbase exec D’Agostino, when referring to crypto, said, “for someone who spent 15 years trying to get commodities to be mainstream, it’s actually moving fast. But I do understand why somebody in the heat of the moment feels it’s glacial. But for institutions I think it’s moving very, very fast.”

🟢 Azuki releases new technology to tie NFTs to physical items. Physical Backed Tokens (PBT) blur the line between physical and digital. “Bean chips” can be integrated to real-world items & scanned to mint NFTs, tied to the item.

🟢 Pakistani game studio is planning to facilitate Pakistan’s entry to the metaverse. The country’s “The Cloud City” metaverse project is a free-to-play parallel virtual world where users can own virtual land and interact with virtual businesses.

🟢 South Korea plans to launch blockchain-based digital IDs. The IDs will replace physical identification cards.

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