Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
April 24, 2023

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

🌟 Nestle Cereals enters Decentraland with "Metaclub"

The experience aims to educate younger audiences on the topic of sustainability while offering a unique way to engage with the brand and its products and real-life rewards. More.

🐶 PetPlate expands into Decentraland to promote new supplements

Fans can enter PetPlate Park to receive real-life prizes by matching dogs with PetPlate products. Prizes include PetPlate branded merchandise, NFT collectibles, and discounted pet nutrition products. More.

🚗 Mattel is added a peer-to-peer marketplace to its Collectibles platform

The platform will allow owners of Mattel NFTs to trade their assets. Series 5 of the Hot Wheels NFT Garage will launch simultaneously to the platform, featuring new digital artwork of Mattel's iconic IP. More.

🎨 Crossmint collaborates with artèQ to launch a Tintin NFT collection

By purchasing Blue Lotus NFTs, buyers can receive various perks, including an exclusive pass to the Hergé Museum. The partnership also includes Tintinimaginatio, a company meant to protect and promote the Tintin legacy. More.

💄 L’Oreal’s NYX launches first NFT collection as part of its DAO, GORJS

The Dream Vortex NFTs enable GORJS artists to experiment with and shape the direction of beauty in the metaverse while retaining full ownership of their unique avatar IP. More.

👕 Billionaire Boys Club partner with Doodles for NFTs and new clothing line

The popular blue chip NFT project has partnered with BBC Ice Cream, the luxury fashion house’s skate brand, to launch an NFT collection alongside branded apparel goods like T-shirts, hats, shorts, towels, and skateboards. More.

🏝️ Cupra launches its own metaverse

Metahype is described as an ‘ever-expanding virtual island where brands, creators, and communities get together to socialize, collaborate, and create. Metahype uses dynamic NFTs to represent players’ identities and features a gamification system to reward engagement. These reward points unlock experiences inside Metahype. Metahype also features other brands, other than Cupra. More.

🏒 NHL launches NHL Breakaway beta

NHL Breakaway is a new way to collect highlights from current and past NHL seasons and a fun way to interact with the iconic moments of NHL history. The NHL Breakaway beta allows the team to test features with a smaller audience of users and gain valuable feedback. More.

☕ Starbucks releases a 5000 more NFTs

The Starbucks First Store Collection is Starbucks’ second NFT collection. The NFTs are part of Starbucks Odyssey and contribute 1500 points toward the program, attributing to members' annual point total for 2023. Points have promotional value in the Starbucks Odyssey program. More.

🔵 The Smurfs launch new PFP NFT collection

The Smurf Society has released a new collection of PFP NFTs, allowing fans to use Smurfs as their digital identity, and providing a new way to interact with the popular IP. More.

🛹 Lexus launches hoverboard NFT collection

The NFTs are part of the RX Campaign to promote the new Lexus RX. More.

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