Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
April 11, 2023

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

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📖 NFT Tech releases comprehensive report on brand activity in web3

The report provides the most comprehensive overview of brand activity in web3 to date, analyzing 315 brands that launched web3 projects since 2022. Download our report here.

👜 Gucci partners with Bored Ape Yacht Club to create phygital goods for metaverse world

Gucci is designing phygital goods for the Otherside metaverse. The centerpiece of the collaboration is the limited-edition Gucci-branded KodaPendant, which spans the physical and digital worlds. Individuals wishing to purchase one of the 3,333 pendants must complete a series of tasks. More.

💎 Poolsuite and Ralph Lauren collaborate on NFTs

The Ralph Lauren x Poolsuite NFTs grant exclusive access to an upcoming event. Owners of Poolsuite’s Grand Leisure NFT collection will also be able to update their “Leisurist” Avatars with Ralph Lauren swag. More.

🚗 Bugatti and Asprey team up to create luxury NFT collection

The Asprey Bugatti Egg NFTs come with corresponding physical items. The luxury companies are the first brands to release NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. The collection's physical counterparts will be produced using Asprey Studio’s cutting-edge production techniques and materials. More.

👥 Reddit to release third Digital Collectible Avatars collection

Reddit’s third installment of "Reddit Avatars" is set to launch this week. Previous collections have accumulated over $14 million in secondary trading volume. More.

⚽ Binance launches fan engagement platform for Ukrainian football team FC Shakhtar

The FC Shakhtar Fanverse offers fans exclusive access to rewards such as early access to NFT drops, match prediction challenges, voting polls for team decisions, and matchday tickets. More.

📰 Fortune Magazine launches NFT magazine cover

The Magazine's second NFT drop, titled "Fortune: Crypto Climbs Back From The Worst Year Ever," shows an iconic magazine cover that will later feature on physical Fortune magazine copies. More.

🥈 Viscount and Lux partner to create the world's first silver-backed NFT

The mining company and Lux have collaborated to create silver-backed NFTs, offering Lux investors the ability to trade the precious metal on open markets. Five million ounces of silver will be available as NFTs. More.

🍸 Absolut returns to the metaverse for Coachella

Absolut.Land, has reopened on Decentraland, offering cocktail-themed NFT wearables, music from Two Friends, and other branded experiences. More.

💰 Fidelity International launches metaverse experience with focus on financial education

Fidelity International has launched a metaverse experience in Decentraland to educate the younger generation about financial planning, money management, and investing. More.

🎮 Actimel partners with Fortnite to provide in-game consumables

Danone Actimel has launched on Fortnite, giving players who visit the brand's Immunity Station an in-game advantage. More.

🚙 BMW creates digital twin of €2bn EV plant in Hungary

BMW has created a digital twin of its €2bn future EV plant in Hungary, allowing for full-scale testing and identifying and solving potential issues in a sandbox environment before creating physical counterparts. More.

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