Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
March 27, 2023

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

💰 Microsoft is reportedly working on an integrated web3 wallet

Leaked screenshots reveal Microsoft may be testing a non-custodial web3 wallet integration for Microsoft Edge. More.

🎮 Nexon is launching a web3 game

The gaming giant is tapping into Polygon’s Supernets for the game which is based on its popular 2D role-playing franchise, MapleStory, which has over 180 million players. Leveraging Supernets will provide Nexon with its own dedicated app chain and enhanced customization and scalability. More.

👟 Chalhoub Group announces Web3 sneaker brand

The leading luxury goods retailer’s new brand, Sol3mates, aims to produce sustainable and innovative luxury footwear. The brand is enabling community co-creation and even allowing community designers to collect royalties on their creations. The initiative will launch with an “OG” membership NFT which grants holders rights to vote on elements of future drops. More.

🚀 Reddit is building its own NFT marketplace

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman confirmed the news at Paris Blockchain Week. More.

💄 Clinique launches metaverse e-commerce platform

The cosmetics brand’s Clinique Lab is a digital environment in which customers can learn about the brand, speak with Clinique consultants, and browse and purchase products. More.

🎶 Universal Music Group plans NFT collection for April release

The Universal Collection celebrates artists and their achievements. Each dynamic collectible is tied to an artist and evolves based on their streaming numbers. The NFTs will be free to mint and offer fans guest list access to future drops, a digital community, and exclusive releases from artists. More.

🎶  Diesel partners with Public Pressure to release music NFTs

This first NFT drop featured an audio track from upcoming musician, HoneyLuv. The 2300 NFTs sold out in four hours, generating almost $50,000 in revenue. An artist would need around 11,700,000 streams to earn an equivalent amount from traditional channels. NFT holders receive physical and digital utilities. More.

💎 Authentic Brands Group’s Aéropostale launches Aeropax NFTs

The 30,000 NFTs provide holders with benefits including discounts and priority access to events as well as membership within the brand’s digital community. More.

👟 Nike and RTFKT announce release date for physical Air Force 1 sneakers

Holders will be able to redeem their RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 NFTs on the 24th of April for physical Air Force sneakers. More.

🦍 The estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs releases Unreal-Engine-compatible Tarzan NFTs

The estate of the character’s original creator is releasing 9999 NFTs which owners will be able to use as avatars within Unreal Engine games such as Fortnite. More.

🦄 Balmain releases new collection of Unicorn sneakers with corresponding NFTs

The limited collection of 130 pairs of sneakers comes with identical digital twin NFTs. The NFTs will have utility in the Space Runner’s metaverse, meaning purchasers are able to flex their sneakers across both physical and digital worlds. More.

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