Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
March 20, 2023

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

📰 Crypto’s largest newsletter notes the success and merit of NFT Tech’s AO Artball project

Last week, the Milk Road, a crypto newsletter with over 250,000 subscribers, highlighted the success of NFT Tech’s 2023 Australian Open Artball NFT collection. The collection has done ~$3.5M in trading volume since launch. More.

🚗 Lamborghini’s 7-month NFT campaign is coming to an end

The luxury car manufacturer is bringing its ‘Epic Road Trip’ NFT campaign to an end with an NFT drop to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary. The NFTs will only be available to loyal Lamborghini fans. More.

🚀 ITV’s Thunderbirds launches metaverse experience

Tracy Island is accessible via the Sandbox metaverse. Fans can participate in minigames and access Thunderbirds NFTs. More.

🧸 Sesame Street launches NFTs

According to Sesame Workshop, The Cookie Monster NFTs are the first of numerous NFT drops. More.

🕷️ Marvel launches NFT Spider-Man comics on VeVe

The comics are Marvel's fifth NFT collection this year and are the product of a 2021 licensing deal with the digital collectibles platform. More.

💻  Salesforce releases NFT tools to help web3 adoption

Salesforce Web3 allows businesses to create, manage and deploy NFTs in a way that can be trusted, scalable, and sustainable. The technology connects NFTs to the company’s customer relationship management system providing brands with new customer insights and enabling brands to more easily identify and reward loyalty. More.

🤝 Salesforce partners with Polygon

The partnership builds on the release of Salesforce Web3 and is focused on enabling token-based loyalty schemes. More.

🚫 Instagram halts NFT efforts

The Meta-owned social media giant has announced an end to its NFT efforts which include sharing NFTs across Facebook and Instagram and testing NFT minting and sales on Instagram. The company continues to work on a decentralized text-based app, according to reports. More

🍲 Nestlés MAGGI launches NFTs in metaverse game

The India-based food brand is releasing a number of its iconic recipes as NFTs that can be used in OneRare’s Foodverse; a metaverse game bridging the gap between the food industry and NFTs. More.

🍷 Château Malartic-Lagravière to release magnums as NFTs to facilitate easier wine trading

The 150 NFTs each have a corresponding bottle. Rights to each bottle change hands with the corresponding NFT, enabling a seamless wine trading experience without associated logistical issues. More.

🃏 Warner Bros Discovery and Cartamundi Group release new hybrid DC physical and NFT trading cards

The trading cards will be released on the Hro platform in celebration of the new action-adventure movie “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”. More.

🎮  Square Enix launches NFT treasure hunt in the run-up to new game release this Spring

The Japanese gaming giant’s upcoming game, SYMBIOGENESIS, will feature NFTs but is not targeted solely at the web3 community. More.

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