Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
February 7, 2023

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

👔 Van Heusen enters Metaverse with PartyNite

Fashion brand Van Heusen has partnered with PartyNite to create a virtual performance space, Van Heusen MetaPlay, for an immersive musical experience. The experience features a full-length showcase of Van Heusen merchandise. More.

🎶 Warner Music Group Launches Rhythm City on Roblox

The music experience introduces users to artists and music through social roleplay, with access to a collection of exclusive digital items. Rhythm City will also host virtual concerts and events featuring select WMG artists. More.

⚽️ Premier League Partners with Sorare for NFT-based Fantasy Soccer

An exclusive multi-year agreement worth £30 million will allow players of Sorare's fantasy soccer game to purchase and use official Premier League-licensed NFTs. CEO Nicolas Julia reports an increase in "free-to-play" usage. More.

🎟️ eBay partners with Notable Live for NFT-powered fan experiences.

The partnership will connect sports fans with players, leagues and teams through an immersive experience featuring eBay’s collectibles marketplace. More.

💼 Hermès in legal battle with NFT creator over digital collectibles.

Courts must decide if Mason Rothschild has infringed on Hermès' copyright with the issuance of ‘MetaBirkin’ NFTs inspired by the fashion giant's famous bags. The case is significant as it could shed light on how trademark law applies to NFTs. More.

💖 Pinko ventures into metaverse with Emperia

Italian fashion brand Pinko launches its first virtual store using the Emperia platform, with a focus on brand recognition and female empowerment. Customers can buy the brand's NFTs, the Meta Love Bags, through the Pinko metaverse experience and interact with the products through 3D modeling. More.

💸 Twitter has started the process of obtaining US state licenses for Twitter payments

The payment system is planned to be fiat-based initially but with the possibility of adding crypto functionality in the future. More.

South African grocery giant accepts Bitcoin

Retailer Pick n Pay now accepts Bitcoin payments via Lightning Network in 1628 stores after successful three-month trial. More.

💎 eBay expands Web3 team after acquiring NFT marketplace

Recent LinkedIn job postings indicate the company is looking to hire multiple roles in support of its NFT marketplace, KnownOrigin. More.

🏈 NFL to launch Super Bowl concert in Roblox

The concert will take place in Warner Music Group’s recently launched music-themed Roblox experience, Rhythm City. More.

⌛️ Prada launches 9th Time Capsule NFT collection

This is Prada’s 38th physical Timecapsule collection, and 9th NFT drop. Purchasers of physical items will receive NFTs with the same traits. The NFTs also act as a membership pass to the exclusive Prada Crypted NFT community. More.

⌚️ Hublot collaborates with Takashi Murakami to release NFTs tied to new collection of physical watches

This is Hublot’s fourth collaboration with Murakami. 12 of the thirteen timepieces can only be purchased by collectors who purchased Murakami and Hublot NFTs from previous collections If a collector purchases all 12 of the NFTs, they will be eligible to purchase the coveted Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Black Ceramic Rainbow watch.. More.

💼 Louis Vuittton partners with Yayoi Kusama for 1000 piece NFT collection

Louis Vuitton is launching the collection in celebration of their 200th anniversary. Purchasers will be able to exchange the digital assets for tangible copies.  More.

🏔️ Alo Yoga launches digital twin NFTs to reward purchasers of premium ski collection

Purchasers  of items from the brand’s Apsen line, released last autumn, are receiving free NFTs that unlock exclusive real-world benefits. The move is part of the brand’s strategy to digitize its loyalty programme. More.

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