Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
May 2, 2023

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

🌟 Mastercard releases crypto credential service for cross-border transfers

The service is designed to ensure transactions between users’ wallets are verifiable and compliant. More.

💇‍♀️ L’Oréal Professionnel has released new cross-metaverse hairstyles

The hairstyles are part of the brand’s new ‘Gravitas’ campaign and are being deployed across Ready Player Me, Roblox, and Zepeto. The move will enable metaverse users to customize their avatars with L’Oreal’s styles. Ready Player Me claims to be compatible with 6000 apps and games. More.

🎉 QuikTrip launches NFTs to celebrate 1000th store opening

The free NFTs were released to provide customers with a fun way to celebrate the milestone. More.

🎨 Sotheby’s launches secondary marketplace for fine art NFTs

The marketplace, which is compatible with Ethereum and Polygon, builds upon the Sotheby’s Metaverse, the company’s digital collectibles platform. The marketplace will honor creator royalties. More.

🏒 The NHL launches Roblox experience

NHL Blast targets younger NHL fans and provides a more immersive experience for fans who can play hockey-themed games and acquire wearables. More.

👟 Adidas launches ‘Indigo Herz Pack’ NFTs

The collection features 2145 pairs of Superstar shoes and 2195 printed hoodies. Adidas has given holders of their ALTS NFTs priority access. More.

👨💼 Coty taps Spatial for internal employee metaverse

Coty Campus will upskill the brand’s 11,000-strong workforce with a focus on collaboration and gamification. More

🥊 One Championship and Animoca Brands are making a mobile game

The Singaporean MMA brand’s ‘One Fight Arena’ game is slated to launch early next year & will feature MMA fighters as playable NFT characters. More.

👜 Prada releases NFTs to celebrate the first anniversary of its Time Capsule NFT collection 

Purchasers of a new Prada tanktop from drop #41 of the Time Capsule collection will receive an NFT providing access to Prada’s Crypted community. In addition to the NFT drop, Prada has invited its community members to attend the ninth iteration of Prada Mode. More.

🏈 The NFL releases NFL Rivals NFT game

The game is now live in early access on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Play Store. The game offers a free-to-play mode as well as the option to purchase game characters (NFL players) as NFTs via Mythical’s online marketplace. Mythical’s marketplace is moving to Polkadot, citing a need for enhanced scalability to support the mass adoption of the game. More.

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