Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
May 15, 2023

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

🌟 Starburst opens Juicyverse in metaverse mall

Fans can enter TheMall and virtually interact with the brand to receive NFTs which can be downloaded to their Apple or Google Wallet and used to provide discounts in various stores including Walmart. More.

💄 Barbie to release NFT collection with Boss Beauties

The $25 NFT ‘packs’ pay homage to the 250 careers of Barbie. The NFTs unlock virtual and real-world perks. More.

🏎️ Renault is launching NFTs linked to new line of physical sneakers

The Racing Shoe5 series celebrates Renault’s 50th birthday. The shoes come with an NFC chip which can be scanned to issue a second NFT, which acts as a certificate of authenticity and provides information about the shoe’s composition, materials, and production history. Members of the R3NLT community have early access. More.

👗 Zara release Spring collection featuring wearables in Zepeto

Zara’s newest metaverse collection, Fairy Magic Idols, offers customers both digital and physical garments. More.

🤼 Impact Wrestling is launching NFTs to give fans direct access to wrestlers

NFT holders get access to a private Discord server and exclusive access to their favorite wrestlers. More.

🧘 Alo Yoga integrates free in-store NFT claiming for customers during Mental Health Awareness month

US customers of the wellness brand can claim NFTs by tapping a terminal with an NFC chip. The NFTs provide access to mental health resources and may provide additional benefits in the future. The initiative avoids web3 jargon. More.

🎮 Line Next announces plans to release five NFT games this year

Line Next, a US subsidiary of the company behind the popular Asian social app, Line, has revealed the first five games are planned for release on its Web3 gaming platform, Game Dosi. Line Next describes the games as “Gamer First, Web3 Next”. More.

🎤 ITV Studios launches permanent metaverse experience based on popular show The Voice

In The Voice Studios, Decentraland, fans can play minigames relating to the show, audition to be in the next season, and win wearables. More.

📺 Warner Bros’ Watch 2 Earn trivia game on TNT’s Inside the NBA sees 1 million tokens claimed

The Watch 2 Earn program is an experiment aimed at increasing engagement with sports broadcasting. NBA viewers can engage with the broadcast by answering trivia questions which can be redeemed for NFT video highlights or other real-world prizes and merchandise, and props from the studio show. The initiative has been a success so far, with fans claiming nearly 1 million tokens since February and 20% of players returning week over week to play. More.

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