Weekly Web3 Roundup
September 26, 2022

Weekly Web3 Roundup

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🟣 PGA Tour announces partnership with Tom Brady’s web3 brand, Autograph. The partnership will look to create a “digital collectibles” NFT platform to allow golfing fans to own part of the premier professional tour’s history. Autograph was co-founded by NFL quarterback Tom Brady, and has top athletes as partners, including golfing legend Tiger Woods. The platform plans to launch in early 2023 and looks to give all the revenue to the players.


🟣 OpenSea to launch Arbitrum on their marketplace. The move will allow creators to list NFTs minted on the Ethereum roll-up. Creators will be able to set their fees directly. NFTs on Arbitrum have a lifetime volume of 9,722 ETH, compared with Ethereum’s 23.5 million ETH. However, OpenSea believes this is the first step in building a Web3 future where people can access the NFTs they want on the chains they’d prefer.​​

🟣 Okay Bears, a Solana NFT project, signs a licensing deal with IMG, a global leader in entertainment, sports, and fashion. Okay Bears features 10,000 different bears that provide a platform to innovators and creators, all rallying behind the brand’s clean, inclusive, and positive message — “We’re All Gonna Be Okay.”

okay bears

🟣 Funko and Warner Brothers team up to release DC Comics’ NFTs. The collection will offer fans the chance to mint digital “Pop!” along with a physical collectible, releasing on Walmart.com on October 7, 2022. The “Brave and the Bold” collection release is limited to 30,000 and the NFT will be minted on the World Asset eXchange blockchain (WAX).

🟣 Reddit’s “The Senses” NFT collection sell for 4 ETH. Avatar NFTs “The Hands #16” and “The Hands #46” each sold for 4 ETH, or about $5,000. The price signals rising demand for these digital assets.

reddit nft collection

🟣 OpenSea announces a protocol that ranks NFTs by their rarity. OpenRarity uses a “rarity” ranking to describe the relative scarcity of one NFT’s attributes compared to another in the same collection. Cool Cats, Putty Penguins, and Moonbirds all opted their collections into OpenRarity.

🟣 Apple to impose a 30% commission on NFTs sold through apps on its marketplace. The rate has been criticized as being grotesquely overpriced, particularly compared to NFT marketplace commissions of 2.5%. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted that Apple is “crushing” the nascent technology.

🟣 Chiru Labs is closing in on a $30 million Series A raise. The LA-based creator of the Azuki NFT collection plans to raise at least $30 million in an upcoming Series A funding round. If the raise closes, Chiru would be valued between $300 million and $400 million. Azukis is a collection of 10,000 sideways-facing anime characters pictured in varying moods and adorned with accessories like headwear and weapons. The cheapest Azukis are worth 11.2 ETH.

chiro labs

🟣 AC Milan launched a new NFT collection from Solana-based e-sports franchise Monkey League. MonkeyLeague is a strategy-based football game where users build and manage their own dream team of at least six MonkeyPlayer NFTs to compete against real players and climb the league ranks. The deal sees the launch of a new collection of branded AC Milan NFT game assets. The first batch will be auctioned on October 6, 2022, on MagicEden.

AC Millam nft
crypto gaming

🔵 Layer-1 Blockchain Ziliqa to launch its own Web3 Gaming Console and gaming hub. Ziliqa recently unveiled the prototype showing the design. The full specifications are not yet revealed. According to Ziliqa, the console will have built-in Web3 capabilities, including a crypto wallet and mining.

🔵 The Metaverse infrastructure developer Hadean raised $30 million in Series A funding. Epic Games joined the round, as well as Molten Ventures, 2050 Capital, Alumni Ventures, Aster Capital, Entrepreneur First and InQTel. Hadean will build the infrastructure to help give metaverse capabilities to Epic’s Unreal Engine.


🟢 First-ever wedding in The Sandbox. The Sandbox recently held the first hybrid digital and real-life wedding in its metaverse. The bride and groom celebrated their “seventies disco glam” themed wedding in a digital replica of Singapore’s famous Alkaff Mansion. The couple was also physically present in a hotel venue with some guests.

🟢 Disney is exploring NFTs and the metaverse. Disney has posted a job advertisement for “Principal Counsel — Corporate Transactions, Emerging Technologies & NFTs.” The advertisement comes two weeks after CEO, Bob Chapek, said that the company is exploring & developing plans for the metaverse.

crpto business

🟡 Infura plans a decentralized infrastructure protocol. Infura’s web3 API services allow users to connect dApps to the Ethereum blockchain without running a full node, which has storage costs. Around 350,000 users connect dApps to Ethereum via Infura. However, overreliance on Infura introduces centralization risks, as Infura collects wallet addresses and IP data from users. To combat this, Infura is launching a separate decentralized alternative to complement its existing solution.

🟡 Helium partners with T-Mobile. Helium Mobile subscriptions will cost $5/month and leverage Helium’s decentralized network and T-Mobile established 5G grid. Customers will receive MOBILE tokens for sharing data on Helium’s coverage quality. The initiative is planned for Q1 2023. Helium will have to increase its number of 5G hotspots from 5,000 to 50,000 to meet T-mobile’s needs.

🟡 Nasdaq plans institutional crypto custody service. Numerous institutional crypto custody providers have reached unicorn status, and the Nasdaq aims to add its name to that list. The move is awaiting regulatory approval. The Nasdaq is also forming a crypto division, “Nasdaq Digital Assets.”

🟡 Tether & Bitfinex have been ordered to verify the backing of USDT. The order is part of a three-year-old lawsuit alleging that the firms are involved in market manipulation and have falsely misrepresented USDT’s backing. The news comes as Tether announces its expansion to Polkadot.

🟡 Chain sponsors New England Patriots. The web3 software solutions company has partnered with Kraft Sports & Entertainment’s NEPs to deliver cutting-edge experiences around the Gillette stadium.

🟡 FTX is in talks to raise $1B. The company is raising at a $32B valuation.

🟡 Helium is moving to Solana. Decentralized wireless network’s community passed the vote with 81% in favor of the move, which will improve scalability.

crypto business

🟠 Colorado now accepts crypto for state tax payments. There’s a catch: crypto payments must be made via PayPal.

🟠 Leaked MiCA draft alludes to the scope of crypto regulation in Europe. A new draft of Europe’s Markets in Crypto Assets legislation reveals that algorithmic stablecoins and fractionalized NFTs might come under MiCA’s scope. Stablecoin issuers will be required to hold assets as collateral and will have other additional management obligations. Truly unique NFTs appear to be excluded. However, if an NFT collection is sold in bulk, even if individual NFTs have a unique identifier, it might be considered as a sign of fungibility and could be at risk of being classified as a security.

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