Weekly Web3 Tracker
George Hammick
Research Lead
June 6, 2023

Weekly Web3 Tracker

🚀 IMKI enhances brand heritage by creating custom Generative AI 

IMKI, a startup specializing in custom Generative AI, will showcase its solutions at VivaTechnology. IMKI's Augmented Creativity concept leverages proprietary data to offer creative assistance services, accelerating the creative process and reducing production costs. Read Article

👜 Louis Vuitton to sell €39000 NFTs

Louis Vuitton is entering the NFT space with a collection of "Treasure Trunks" that offer access to exclusive products and experiences. Priced at €39,000 each, the limited edition trunks are part of the "Via" project, granting holders elite privileges and community engagement. Read Article

👓 Apple's AR headset will supercharge gaming and metaverse

Augmented reality (AR) is set to bring the metaverse into our daily lives, merging virtual and real worlds. Apple's rumored mixed-reality headset aims to make AR accessible to the masses, amplifying the metaverse and blockchain gaming experiences. Read Article

🎥 Warner Bros. to sell 1978 ‘Superman’ NFT Movie bundles

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is launching a limited-time NFT-based movie marketing campaign with "Superman: The Movie." The bundles include the film in 4K Ultra HD format and extras. Warner Bros. aims to engage NFT enthusiasts, generate sales, and foster a fan community. Prices start at $30. Read Article

🚗 Mercedes Benz Web3 Arm partners with Fingerprints DAO to release NFT collection

Mercedes Benz NXT collaborates with Fingerprints DAO and artist Harm van den Dorpel for a generative art NFT collection titled "Maschine." The collection features 1,000 unique tokens inspired by automotive concepts, with a Dutch auction starting on June 7. Read Article

🎮 EA partners with Nike on its web3 digital platform .Swoosh

Nike Virtual Studios and EA SPORTS announce a partnership to enhance the virtual sports experience. The partnership will unlock immersive experiences and customization in EA SPORTS titles, allowing members to express themselves through sport and style. Read Article

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