NFT Tech report exploring brands in web3

Why we created this report

This report tracks major brands’ web3 moves in Q3 2022. It’s the first of many reports NFT Tech will produce to track brands as they move into web3, and we aspire to establish industry standards and benchmarks for assessing brands’ web3 implementations.

We hope that developing a consistent standard will enable an understanding of who the challengers and leaders are in the space, and where lessons can be learned.

Our inaugural report represents a first step towards achieving this goal. It’s informed by our ongoing extensive market research and tangible experience delivering web3 strategies for top-tier brands, and it introduces a foundation upon which we’ll continue to build upon, develop, refine and improve in real time.  This will ensure that as the space evolves, these reports will accurately and objectively record and benchmark this rapidly developing and exciting industry.

By the end of this report, you’ll find actionable insights on brands entering web3, and learn from the successes and failures of early movers in the space.

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