Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker
Adam De Cata
December 19, 2022

Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker

⚽️ Sorare sees over 585,000 new sign-ups over the World Cup

The gamified sports NFT platform has seen a significant influx of users since the launch of its World Cup game on November 10th. More.

🌊 Aquarium de Paris launches educational NFT collection with real-world utility

The 1234 NFTs are 1:1 replicas of real jellyfish at the world’s oldest public Aquarium. NFT holders receive unlimited free access to the aquarium, in-store discounts, and other perks. More.

🟠 Redditors have now minted over 5 million NFT avatars

Reddit’s Polygon-based avatars launched in July. The initiative has led to over 5 million avatars being minted by over 4 million Reddit users in 6 months. More.

🏎️ The Tiny Digital Factory partners with Aston Martin to create NFTs for a blockchain-based racing game

The 3,000 Aston Martin NFT cars will be playable in the Infinite Drive Racing game. More.

🛞 Mattel Creations releases new batch of Hot Wheels NFTs

The Hot Wheels NFT Garage™ Series 4 Collection is available on the Mattel Creations website and offers fans a new way of experiencing the leading toy brand’s 75-year-long line of products. More.

🎶 Warner Music releases music-themed Sandbox experience

The Warner Music Game Jam invites music fans to create music-themed games in the Sandbox for a chance to win SAND tokens. More.

👀 Donald Trump releases NFTs

Trump Cards NFT holders get access to various Donald Trump related benefits and experiences. More.

🦊 PayPal partners with MetaMask

The partnership will enable MetaMask users to purchase ETH with PayPal, with plans to add more cryptocurrencies in the future. More.

🗞️ Time Magazine announces upcoming NFT collection

The magazine’s web3 arm, TIMEpieces, is releasing another NFT collection in collaboration with author and founder Deepak Chopra. The collection will commemorate Deepak’s bestselling book, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success reaching its 25th anniversary year. More.

🖥️ Intel and Billboard collaborate on fourth Chartstars NFT collection

Billboard’s NFT brand, Chartstars, celebrates global music fandom. The most recent NFT drop rewards loyalty and is only being made available to fans that bought into previous collections. More.

⚖️ New European Laws provide new hope for crypto and NFT mobile

The EU Digital Markets Act offers a way to sidestep Apple’s restrictive NFT/crypto policies that restrict NFT utility, place a 30% fee on all transactions, and more. The new regulations will apply from May 2023. More.

👜 American accessories brand, Steel, looks to redefine luxury NFT experiences

Purchasers of Steel products can scan their items to receive digital twin NFTs, which track authenticity and can be added to customers’ Apple wallets and used as membership passes. More.

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